Store exposure - here's how the interior of the store helps you.

The expression "if you can't be seen, you don't exist", is perhaps especially true when it comes to exposure in stores. The presentation of products is crucial to attracting customers to buy and therefore requires strategy and knowledge of some basic principles...

..and above all, a lot of psychology. Let's explore some smart tricks that lead to a successful merchandise display, and let's look at how you can interact with the customer to create the best possible in-store experience.

8 tips for in-store exposure

1. Select products

Too many products in a product display can contribute to giving a cluttered impression. Select a smaller number of products for your campaign and focus on exposing these nicely.

2. Group

Odd numbers of products in a group are often more visually appealing than even numbers. It makes the group more dynamic and exciting. Think three, five or seven products to achieve a good balance.

3. Gain altitude

Vary the height of your exposure and create different levels with shelves, tables or podiums.

This offers opportunities to present several products in a clear way, or to make key products stand out and attract attention.

4. Work with contrasts

It easily becomes monotonous if all products look the same. By combining different materials and shapes, contrasts are created, and at the same time a variety that attracts customers' attention. For example, it can be soft and hard materials, shiny and matte surfaces, or rough and smooth textures.

5. Think storytelling

Create an atmosphere and story around your products by using decorations and props, or even music and scents that complement the products.

6. Influence with color

Colors can affect emotions and behaviour. By using color in a deliberate and strategic way, you can increase exposure in your store. Color can highlight the product and make it stand out.

7. Think outside the box

Who said clothes have to be on a table, hang a matching outfit on the wall!

Dare to be different, and use all the creative talents you have. You can create a lot with just imagination, tools and a little paint.

8. Don't forget lighting

The last but probably most important point: highlight the products' characteristics with the right lighting and create an inviting atmosphere.

We are influenced by color

Color has a strong impact on our mood and can create different emotional reactions.

Understanding the psychological impact of how color affects a customer's behavior and purchasing decisions can be very helpful in store exposure. Warm colors such as red, orange, yellow are associated with energy, passion and warmth. They evoke feelings of excitement and intensity, and red is therefore often used for sales and campaigns, for example. Cold colors such as blue, green and purple, on the other hand, are considered calming and are often associated with calm and relaxation. By understanding your target group's preferences and psychology, you can use color strategically in your exposure. For example, pastel colors may attract a younger audience, while muted tones may be more appealing to an older audience.

Decorate with candles

The lighting is an important part when we talk about exposure in stores. When we want to emphasize a product or a specific area, we like to add so-called accent lighting. With spotlights or directional spotlights, details can be highlighted and tension created via shadows and contrasts, through different directions of the light. In the flagship store of the jewelry brand Maria Nilsdotter, we at Norco created a feeling of stepping into an enchanted world. The interior was tasked with telling tales – just like the jewellery. With thoughtful accent lighting and a focus on details and contrasts, we created a store interior that matched the brand. It became not just a shop, but a destination.

Environmentally conscious exposure

By incorporating sustainability thinking and choosing recyclable materials, you contribute to reducing the environmental impact and at the same time make responsible choices. In connection with Nudie Jeans - the well-known Gothenburg-based brand - opening a new store in Stockholm, we at Norco came up with a new interior concept, characterized by sustainability in particular. The store was not created just to sell jeans, but was designed to convey the brand's values and environmental commitment. Materials were carefully chosen to harmonize with Nudie's sustainability concept. The result: a strong vintage feel with materials such as copper, fir and pewter. The floor was made entirely of denim fabric, a clear expression of their desire to reuse materials and create a unique, eco-friendly store environment.

Interactive display in store

In recent years, we have seen a change from static signs to digital screens. The big advantage of digital screens is the ability to deliver more than just static information. Instead, moving images, animations and even interactive tools are displayed that allow customers to explore products. For example, the customer can see different colors or variants and get information about the product's availability, something that was previously impossible. With the help of QR codes strategically placed in the product display, the customer can quickly and easily get more information directly on their phone. Or download product descriptions and see reviews of other customers who have rated the product.

Creating an attractive in-store display isn't just about getting customers to stop and look — it's about convincing them to shop. With a clear strategy, creativity and understanding of the basic principles of exposure, there is great potential to capture the customer's attention. By telling a story and taking advantage of design elements such as color, light and different textures, you can create an enticing environment where the customer feels inspired. A well-thought-out product display can be the decisive factor in attracting the customer to purchase.

Would you like help with a tailored solution for exposure in your store? At Norco, we work with all imaginable materials and deliver high-quality store furnishings according to your unique needs.