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It all starts with you!

Construction project management is a process that starts with your vision. We lead projects and processes in all stages, define goals and create the basis for long-term solutions. Together, we build up a project organization consisting of strategic partners, specialists in building and construction, interior design producers and architects. Through continuous follow-up, we ensure that your project is carried out in the best possible way, and we are with you all the way.

1. Site visit and analysis

We start with a review, photography and measuring your premises. We also go through the prerequisites when it comes to floors, ceilings, lighting and plumbing. All to create the best possible conditions for applying the concept to the premises.

2. Timeplan and project planning

We create a timetable for the entire project, starting from the opening date and backwards. The timetable and the construction plans are nailed, also taking into account the planning of floors, ceilings, lighting, façade, plumbing and fitting of interior design concepts.

3. Construction drawings

On request, we can deliver drawings for all parts of the project such as premises, floor, facade, lighting and of course the interior concept.

4. Construction och installation

We make sure to book and hold regular building meetings and ensures that the project is on schedule.

5. Delivery and quality control

After completion, we make sure to conduct a final inspection together with the customer and builder. We compile everything in an inspection protocol and, of course, remedy any deviations.

All or small.

Regardless of how your store interior design project looks, we help you create an environment where people thrive and businesses grow.

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