Sustainability from Norco Interior


At Norco Interior, we believe People Build Businesses by Doing business in a Good Way. This principle guides all our actions — maintaining our commitment to our customers, treating our employees with respect, delivering shareholder value, making a positive impact in the communities where we live and work, and taking steps to lessen our impact on the environment.


Sustainable business

Sustainable business development means that the Norco Interior, through its concept and product portfolio, can contribute to a more sustainable business environment through energy and cost savings in its products and systems, as well as by continuing to develop more sustainable interior solutions for the future.

Like rings on the water, it matters what decisions we make every day. Decisions that affect our environment and the people we meet. The products we deliver must take the greatest possible account of both the environment and people along the entire product life cycle. We do not believe that alone is strong, but together we have the opportunity to influence. We intend to take advantage of this opportunity!

Together with our customers, we will develop products that convey the pride that exists in their brand. Together with our suppliers, we will challenge the conditions that prevail when our products are produced. We will conduct an open and transparent dialogue to constantly push for improvements and reward those who have come a long way in their sustainability work.

Our focus on sustainability makes a positive impact for both people and the planet. And it is also critical to ensuring our long-term business success.


Efficiency in business

Norco Interior aims to help the entire value chain achieve improved efficiency through responsible choice of suppliers, raw materials, production processes and transport. For many years, Norco Interior has taken a serious approach to environmental and social responsibility, striving for long-term sustainable operations.

Sustainability requirements for suppliers

Ensuring sustainability throughout the value chain is important for Norco Interior. Projects often begin with ensuring that the suppliers conduct their operations in accordance with Norco Interior's sustainability requirements.

Energy efficient production

For a producer such as Norco Interior, it is significant to both reduce energy consumption overall, and to increase the proportion of renewable energy used. Active work in these areas is undertaken from both an environmental and cost-effectiveness perspective. The group's production facilities are being updated with modern systems to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency of various resources.


A significant part of the group's indirect emissions arise from transport to and from production facilities. Norco Interior work actively to reduce emissions while ensuring effective transport, and transport options are considered from both a cost and environmental perspective. Norco Interior local presence and proximity to it's production facilities, reduces freight distances and cost for our customers. The opportunity to buy and produce locally, and minimize the environmental impacts of freight is very important in contract negotiations with customers.


Business Ethics

Through Norco Interior's Code of Conduct, all employees have a clear regulatory framework for business ethics. The Code of Conduct from which key parts are listed below have been communicated to Norco Interior's suppliers in the form of a Group-wide supplier policy. According to the Code of Conduct, Norco Interior has zero tolerance towards all forms of kickbacks, bribery and corruption.

Human Rights

Norco Interior supports and respects the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and strives to ensure that we are not complicit in human rights abuses.

Freedom of association

As local or relevant laws allow, all employees are free to form, join or not to join unions and have the right to collective bargaining when employed by Norco Interior.

Forced and compulsory labour

No form of forced or compulsory labour is tolerated by Norco Interior and all employees have the right to leave their employment as stated by contracts or local laws.

Child labour

We are not complicit in any form of child labour or other forms of exploitation of the child. No one is employed below the completion of compulsory school or under the age of 15 and no one under the age of 18 is employed for hazardous work within Norco Interior.

Work place

Norco Interior shall provide a working environment that is healthy, safe and in accordance with the relevant local laws for all employees. Norco Interior makes every effort to pay fair salaries and remuneration in accordance with relevant norms in the locations in which the Group has operations.


Diversity amongst Norco Interior employees is a positive attribute and Norco Interior offers all individuals equal opportunities (i.e. personal development, further education, salary level). No one regardless of ethnicity, colour, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, parental status, marital status, pregnancy, religion, political opinion, ethnic background, social origin, social status, age, union membership or disability shall be discriminated. Harassments in the form of physical or psychological abuse are strongly prohibited within Norco Interior, as is any kind of intimidation or other threats. Employees in Norco Interior have a joint responsibility for this to be achieved


Preventing abuse of drugs (incl. alcohol) concerns all of us and means that we have a common responsibility to achieve a high level of security for the operations and a good and safe working environment. We aim for a secure workplace free of drugs and that all employees with drug related problems dare to seek help. No one is allowed to be effected by any drugs at work.

Purchase of sexual services and child pornography

Purchase of sexual services, sexual exploitation of children and child pornography is illegal based on legislation in several countries, including Sweden, and can support trafficking, which is a violation of human rights. Employees in Norco Interior on assignments and business travel, also internationally, are expected to respect this stance. This applies irrespective of country and both during and after working hours


Norco Interior reputation of honesty, integrity and responsibility must be upheld and any involvement in bribery, extortion or corruption in any form is not tolerated by Norco Interior. Norco Interior makes active efforts to ensure that this does not occur within the company.

The term corruption refers to abuse of a position of trust for own or the company’s gain, for example through the use of bribes. It is forbidden to offer, promise, or give, as well as request, accept a promise of, or receive a bribe. A bribe is a gift or other benefit that might influence another person, as part of their employment or duties, to show improper favour to the giver.

Norco Interior employees may, for example, not offer, give, receive, or request gifts, services, entertainment or other rewards that:

  • Violate accepted business practice.
  • Have an unreasonable value. (not above the equivalent of 45 €)
  • Consist of money, securities, cash loans, or other types of personal payments in the form of discounts, commissions, bonuses or fees.
  • Consist of pure leisure or vacation trips.
  • Violate existing laws.
  • Are other rewards which due to their value or other relevant circumstances are typically likely to improperly influence the recipient in the exercise of their professional duties or in another manner risk embarrassing the company or the employee in the event they become public knowledge.

This does not prevent employees of Norco Interior from receiving or offering promotional gifts designed to retain and promote good business relationships with customers and other business partners. This subject to the condition that such gifts are modest, openly accepted and offered and otherwise compliant with this Code of Conduct. Management of respective subsidiary is responsible for preparing appropriate guidelines and routines for employees concerning representation and gifts.

Consumer Interests

When dealing with customers and end-consumers, Norco Interior acts in accordance with fair business, marketing and advertising practices. Norco Interior also ensures that provided goods or services meet all agreed and legal standards.


Norco Interior is conducting its activities according to applicable laws and regulations and also refrains from concluding unlawful anti-competitive agreements as well as exchanging unlawful price and/or market information with competitors.

Export Control

Norco Interior shall comply with all applicable rules regarding export controls, including not acting contrary to, or with persons implicated in economic sanctions.


Work environment

Norco Interior shall provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injury or illness. The goal is safe and healthy business operations where risks are eliminated and work environment risks are reduced. Norco Interior considers its employees to be its greatest asset. Attracting, involving and developing the employees is a decisive factor for the business. Norco Interior's goal is to be a responsible employer that attracts and retains employees.

Skills development and Career opportunities

Motivation, job satisfaction, commitment and participation are central factors for the Group’s employees to be able to develop withinNorco Interior; they are also important elements in the Group’s ability to continue to grow.


Health and safety work are to cover systematic analysis, surveys and risk assessments as well as measures and follow-up.

The work must as far as possible be handled consistently throughout the Group with Group-wide rules and prioritizing good communication. The work is to be run preventively together with the employees and their representatives in all areas with focus on risks and safe behavior's. Particular attention must be paid to health and safety in the event of changes.

Norco Interior is to make demands on suppliers, requiring them to comply with the local work environment rules.


Norco Interior is to create a safe workplace. Safety equipment shall always be in place. For all activities involving health and safety work there shall be procedures describing what to do, how to do it, when to do it and who participates. Accidents, incidents and risk observations must be reported, analyzed and result in remedial action. Norco Interior’s objective is that no accidents in the workplace shall occur.

Norco Interior is to identify risks in possible situations regarding fire, chemicals spills, machinery stoppages and power cuts and for these situations establish evacuation and action plans to minimize the risk of injury.


The psychological and social work environment is as important as the physical work environment. Norco Interior is to emphasize good leadership and attentiveness in handling these issues. The work environment must be adapted to the varying circumstances of employees as far as reasonably practicable. The importance of participation and influence for employees regarding their work must be emphasized, including clear information on duties, relevant expectations, responsibilities and scope for action.

Procedures for surveying risk of ill-health, bullying and harassment must be in place for all operations. Discrimination, offensive treatment, harassment, abuse and threats are not accepted in Norco Interior. Employees must be able to feel comfortable, safe and respected in their workplace.

Norco Interior is to work preventively to reduce the need for sick leave and rehabilitation. Employees that are, however, injured in an accident or fall ill are to be given work-related rehabilitation with the aim of returning to work as soon as possible. When handling information regarding work adaptation and rehabilitation, rules on confidentiality according to work environmental legislation must be followed, which means that information about an individual's personal circumstances is to be treated as confidential information.


Norco Interiors employees shall contribute to their own and their colleagues’ healthy and safe work environment by acting safely and following the instructions and procedures in place, and for reporting risks and incidents that occur. Each employee is expected, if applicable, to participate in suggested rehabilitation.

CEO bears overarching responsibility for work environment issues and this is to be delegated, in one or more steps. Delegation and further delegation is to be set out in writing.