Pop-up shop

Pop-up store - what to think about?

Something new pops up, something interesting and temporary that you just have to check out. We're talking about one of the big trends in retail design right now - setting up a Popup store.

Temporary trading places that open for a shorter period of time in malls; heading down to the beach; in empty business premises; or at events. So why should you set up a Popup store? What should you think about, and how should you think when it comes to shop interior design? In the following article, we clarify the concepts surrounding the trending concept Popup store.

Does your brand perhaps want to test new ideas or markets, without having to take a big financial risk? The pop-up store is a temporary concept - from a few days, to a couple of months - and a good way to test new markets. It can also be an easier way for the customer to take the step to purchase, as the store will not exist forever, it "pops up" and disappears.

A Pop-up store is particularly suitable for those of you who:

·       Sells items that are seasonal

·       Want to test your products on a completely new target group

·       Thinking about a new location/market and want to test if it holds up

·       Want to promote the launch of a new product

·       Need to find a new exciting way to expose your products

Which store interior is best for a temporary concept?

Decorating a Pop-up store is about creating an attractive but at the same time functional place for customers. The pop-up store largely has the same interior design as a regular store, but is adapted to the space. Shelves, product racks and podiums may need to be adjusted and moved around and be flexible. Since it is a temporary store, it can be good to have a storage space in the interior so that products can be replenished quickly. Often a slightly bolder design and color choice is used, to attract attention with decorations, colors and patterns that reflect the brand. Lighting makes a big difference, both to highlight the products and to create the right atmosphere for the brand. By combining all these parts, you can create both an attractive and functional Popup store.

How do you get started with a Pop-up store?

What do you want to achieve with your Pop-up? Is it for launching a new product, testing a market or creating awareness of your brand? When you have defined your needs, it is time to decide the place and time. Choose your location carefully and analyze where your target group is, is it in a shopping center or at a specific event? Maybe there are similar entrepreneurs to collaborate with. A variant of the Pop-up store is "shop-in-shop", where you rent a small part of an already existing store. Make sure you have the necessary permits and licenses required to set up your Pop-up store. Also make sure to have a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Use social media, influencers or other channels that suit your target group.

Examples of successful Pop-up concepts

There are many examples of brands in various industries that have used Pop-up stores to create engagement and offer their customers unique experiences. Ikea invests in a seasonal range and has opened a Pop-up with the theme of Christmas shopping; Amazon has opened sustainable Pop-up stores where they give the goods a second chance. Perhaps the more unusual ones include Jokkmokk's market, a traveling company from Jokkmokk that travels around and "pops up in shopping centers" all over Sweden and offers Norrland products. They set up a stall and sell reindeer traps, sausages and traditional crafts. Goods where the demand is limited and would not be sufficient for a permanent store, but when they come once a year, you are inclined to shop.

Pop-up store of the future?

American beauty brands have had great success with pop-up stores in New York, Paris and London. Beautiful premises with mirrors and roses that created a buzz on social media. The Pop-up stores of the future have a series of exciting innovations to attract and engage customers in exciting new ways. We can certainly see Pop-up stores in unexpected places, temporary installations in, for example, public transport, or in parks. In London, containers have become popular to create temporary pop-up shops, cafes or art galleries. The containers provide flexibility because they can be placed in different locations and can also be adapted to many different needs. In summary, Pop-up stores of the future can be expected to be more flexible and tailored to attract and engage customers in new and exciting ways.

Pop-up shop

Do you need help developing a Pop-up store? We at Norco Interior will be happy to help you! We have extensive experience in creating pop-up stores that are exposed for a short time. An example is L:A BRUKET at Åhléns, a shop-in-shop concept that was presented for a week. There, we developed a flexible store interior that was quick and easy to both assemble and pack down. Would you like to know more? Contact us here.