Renew your store interior: sustainable and budget-friendly options

As awareness of sustainability increases, many shop owners are adopting methods to reduce their environmental impact. When new shop furnishings are to be produced, it is worth looking around for which option is best.

An effective way to reduce your own climate impact is to update the existing interior design. Instead of replacing everything — which can be both unsustainable and costly — only certain parts are updated. In this article, we go through the advantages of having the existing store interior updated. We also give practical tips on how it can actually happen, and how to do it in the best way.

Sustainable store interior – a winning concept

Thinking sustainably when it comes to shop interior design is becoming increasingly common. When developing sustainable store concepts, the focus is on material selection and minimizing redundant resource use. By working with upcycling of the existing store concept, it is possible to save both money and natural resources. When updating existing store furnishings, you convert old into new, which creates a positive effect both for the store and the environment. Making old, recycling, reusing and upcycling into something new and fresh has become a way to develop sustainably. Upcycling has never been as topical as it is right now, so why not latch on to a winning concept?

Benefits of updating your existing store interior

With well-thought-out choices of material and color, a completely new, lovely and inviting feeling can be created in your store. Here we summarize some of the biggest advantages of just updating your existing store interior instead of replacing the entire interior:

1. Reduced environmental impact

Sprucing up what's already there instead of buying new can make a big difference. Every time older furnishings are thrown away and replaced by new ones, a lot of resources are used – everything from materials to labor. By reusing and fixing what already exists, you instead reduce the total use of resources. At the same time, you can improve the desired appearance of your store, and its functionality (such as customer turns, stop points, checkout zone, etc.).

2. Cost effective

Reusing and renewing existing furnishings is also a wise choice from an economic perspective. It can be compared to the costs of first selling an entire interior design concept, and then bringing in completely new store interior design. Think instead: how can a new appealing store be created by refurnishing; add new textiles; repaint existing interior; replace buds; or adjust the lighting? With relatively small funds, it is possible to create a completely new feeling in the store. And the best of all: All at a comparatively low total cost.

3. Time saving

Updating your existing store interior also reduces the lead times that can occur when everything has to be produced from scratch. There are often many moments that need to click. When the majority of the interior design has already been designed, it can be faster to reach your goal.

What sustainable updates to your store interior can be made?

There are various ways to sustainably update the existing store interior. And there is good help to be had. For example, here are some suggestions:

1. Give old, new life

Updates do not always have to mean new purchases. Existing furniture can be given new life with fresh fabrics or new colours. It can make a big difference and give the whole store a more complete feel. It is also possible to experiment with some new material to find a style that feels right for your store. And remember – small changes can make a big difference!

2. Reorganize the store

A lot can happen through a restructuring of the store's layout. For example, having furniture, shelves and goods moved around can give the store a new, fresh feel. Perhaps new ways of displaying the products will emerge, ways that can attract curiosity and more customers.

3. Smart lighting

Choosing the right lamps can make a big difference to both the environment and the budget. Replace old light bulbs with LED lights, or install smart lighting that adapts to daylight and the store's opening hours. It makes it easier to save energy and keep costs down. In addition - with the right light, the goods are lifted, which leads to concrete focal points while highlighting the surfaces. A brighter and more welcoming store makes shopping more enjoyable for everyone.

With expertise and the right guidance, sustainable updates in the store interior can contribute to an attractive store for both customers and staff. And customers come to an attractive store!

Norco Interior and sustainability – that's how we work

At Norco Interior, we value sustainability principles and work actively to help our customers make more sustainable choices for shop furnishings. We offer creative solutions that encourage updating and renewing existing interior design.

Do you need help updating your store interior? Or do you just want to know more about how we work? Read more about our projects or contact us directly.