hotel interior design

Hotel Interior Design - Customized to fit your needs

We create an exciting and inviting hotel environment that make a significant difference, as hotel interior design strongly influences both room prices and occupancy rates. We let the hotel's design evolve from your vision of the establishment, its location, and nature, along with our expertise and knowledge in interior design.


Interior Design - Public Spaces

The entrance and reception area are the first and last things guests see of the hotel. We help you transform this space into something memorable. We showcase what type of hotel you have right away. We dedicate extra effort to emphasize your hotel's essence. If the initial impression is positive, it will enhance the overall experience of the entire hotel. We also arrange furniture for interaction to facilitate guest interactions.


Room Interior Design

The hotel bed is the cornerstone of every hotel. It must be comfortable for guests, easy to manage, and durable. We guide you to the right choice! In addition to the bed, we furnish the room for your guests, making sure they have somewhere to hang their clothes, somewhere to sit and maybe even a small workstation.



In a hotel, it's about creating environments where visitors feel comfortable and can relax. Working with hidden lighting in the ceiling, walls and interior that creates a pleasant trail of light and highlights beautiful details in the interior might be the solution for your project maybe supplemented with point lighting and general lighting from dimmable spotlights. We help you decide!

hotel interior design
hotel interior design

We design hotels to feel comfortable in!

Building your brand with hotel furnishings! One of the most important aspects of a hotel is its interior design. It is through hotel interior design that you build your brand and reach your specific target groups. Succeeding with your interior design project is an art based on experience, competence and a sense of color and form. We offer design and hotel interior design solutions that are specifically tailored to your wishes and needs. It can include everything from planning and design to finished delivery

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Norco Interior and SIAS Contract

We cooperate with our sister company, SIAS Contract, on hotel, cafe and restaurant interiors. We can supply everything from design to complete interiors, and we produce the majority of the interior in our oown factories

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